Virtual Reality Applications for Building Construction

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3D Presentation technology

At the moment the viewing and interacting with 3D and VR-models do not necessarily require anything else than pc-computer with a suitable freeware VR-model viewer. Nevertheless, the  full exploitation and utilization of all features of these models  to facilitate concurrent team work would necessitate special presentation technology. Two of these 3D presentation technologies are:

  1. CAVE
  2. Responsive Workbench
  3. 3D displays

Cave is a room in which the user can feel immersion and interaction with the vr-models. A cave has either one curved wall (ConCave) for displaying 3D/4D models or one to six walls (non-curved) for the same purpose. Responsive workbench is a 3D interactive workspace originally developed in Germany. Responsive workbench has been used e.g. to study alternative schedules (Stanford University). 


Demo section

Picture of CAVE

Responsive worksbench of Stanford University

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