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4D Tool - How to create dynamically linked 4D model?

Step 1:
Design the product (building, bridge, piping etc.) in 3D with an IFC compliant object-oriented platform (for instance, Archicad 6.5). Export the 3D geometry in IFC 2.0 format.

Step 2:
Create the assembly/construction schedule of the product (with MS Project at the moment). 

Step 3:
Link the 3D objects and corresponding tasks using 4D Linker provided by VTT and Eurostep. Save this 4D information as an IFC file.

Step 4:
Using the 4D Converter create vrml model of the IFC objects.

Step 5:
Analyse the assembly/construction process using WebSTEP tool through a standard web browser. Make necessary changes to the 3D model and schedule. Update the changes semi-automatically using 4D Linker


  • If the vr-model 'disappears', push the button. 

  • If the model is in weird position, push the button.

=> Now you are ready to rumble... check the 4D model of a multistorey carage

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