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"Enables people to feel as if they are actually present in a different place or time."
(S.Fisher & B.Laurel, 1991)

Telepresence enables the transmission of interactively controllable live picture from remote construction site to any place where the situation on site needs to be viewed. The ultimate goal is to provide an experience of being present in a real physical location remote from one's true physical location. Basically, this is usually achieved by advanced video telecommunication technology. Typically a digital video camera is used to produce live video stream. Additionally with a specific telepresence equipment the user can interactively turn camera, zoom the picture, take snap-shots, change camera if several cameras are used etc. This is an important opportunity for the companies operating internationally or in a geographically big country having continuous needs to solve problems or just the view the situation in a site far away from central offices or meeting venues.

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Telepresence in VTT Information Technology

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