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Virtual Reality models of building

VR models of buildings can be used for several purposes; document management, interior design option analyses by end users, operations planning, evacuation simulations etc. Construction practitioners expect rather widely that vr model can be the user interface to complex data and models in near future. For example by pointing a particular object in the building model the user can obtain all documentation relevant to that object. This feature means that in the nearby future the instructions for service and use can take full advantage of virtual reality technology 

The generation of a vr model from normal project engineering and design data is possible with some current software packages. Another method is to use a special software to create vr models. These methods have couple of drawbacks;

  • Exported vr models from the engineering data are often based on a specific data format => in order to use these models the user needs to have a special software depended browser
  • The creation a vr model from scratch requires a lot of work

To avoid extra work in creating the model and to offer a generic approach for browsing the users of vr models should be able to export the engineering and design data to a multipurpose file type. A specific tool, ProMoTe, developed in VTT Building Technology creates a VRML file from IFC product data model.

Most of the existing buildings have been constructed in a time when the drawings were prepared manually. Thus in order to have a vr model of any building of this type it is necessary to measure the dimensions of the building and convert this information to 3D model. Various methods for achieving a vr model from existing buildings are described in the next slide show:
3D -models of existing buildings - PowerPoint slide show (in Finnish)

Demo section

3D -models of existing buildings - PowerPoint slide show (in Finnish)

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