International Conference on
Concurrent Engineering and Construction
Accepted Abstracts
Title of Abstract Corresponding Author
Requirements for Concurrent Engineering Environments Aarni, Ville
Concurrent Engineering Approach to the Process of Selecting Foundation Type Al-Jibouri, Saad
A Survey and Analysis of Integrated Project Databases Amor, Robert
Reengineering the Project Procurement Process Through Concurrent Engineering Anumba, Chimay
Application of the Analytical Design Planning Technique in the Project Process Austin, Simon A.
Concurrent Engineering in Construction - A Long Time Coming? Baldwin, Andrew
Production Control in Design Ballard, Glenn
A Comparison of New Product Introduction in the Construction and Manufacturing Sectors: Implications for Implementing Concurrent Engineering Brookes, Naomi
Engineering Process Improvement of Design & Construction of Off-Shore Structure Using Distributed Object Approach Chang Young, Son
Introduction of Concurrent Engineering Concepts into an Integrated Product and Process Model Cutting-Decelle, Anne-Francoise
Proposal for an Integrated Information Model for Concurrent Engineering of On-Site Construction Dado, Edwin
Process Modelling as a Help to Decision-Making for C.E. Implementation Dubois, Anne-Marie
A Telepresence-Based Environment for Concurrent Engineering Construction Projects Duke, Alistair
Towards Parametric Causal Model of Concurrent Engineering Decisions in Construction El-Bibany, Hossam E.
Framework for a Concurrent Fuzzy System for Risk Analysis in Construction El-Diraby, Tamer
Framework for Classifying Reengineering Efforts in the Bridge Design Process El-Diraby, Tamer
A Virtual Work Environment for AEC Project Collaboration Forgber, Uwe
Using STEP for Modelling Multiple Views on Product Ghodous, Parisa
Stimulating Concurrent Engineering in Construction - The EAPPM Aims and Motivations Goncalves, Ricardo
Requirements of the Large Scale Engineering Industry in a "Virtual Enterprise" Environment - Findings from eLSEwise Hassan, Tarek M.
Virtual Reality: Human Interface to Product Data Hemiö, Tero
Concurrent Analysis of Competitiveness of a Recursive, Competence-Based Firm Operating in Capital Investment Markets Huovinen, Pekka
New Collaborative Technology Options Using Java Objects Jackson, Larry
An Information Model for Client Requirements Processing in Concurrent Life-Cycle Design and Construction Kamara, John M.
Decision Support System on Conflict Problems in Building Construction Projects Kaneta, Takashi
Formal Languages for Construction Process Modelling Karhu, Vesa
Requirements for Construction Process Modelling Information Technology Support Karstila , Kari
Delivering the Concurrent Engineering Challenge: VTT Building Technology's Euro Experience Kazi, Abdul Samad
Location Breakdown and Short Throughput Times - A Way to Concurrent Design and Construction Kiiras, Juhani
What Procurement Method Fits Concurrent Design and Construction of Buildings? Kiiras, Juhani
Integration of Design and Construction Information for Building Structures Kim, Chee Kyeong
Contractors Attitudes Toward a Concurrent Engineering Design-and-Build Procurement Model: An Exploratory Study Love, Peter
From Concurrent Engineering to Concurrent Construction Mitrovic, Dragana
Organising for Concurrent Engineering: The Theory and Practice of Managing the Supply Chain through Clusters Nicolini, Davide
Process Modelling in the Construction Industry. Current Best Practise in Sweden, The United Kingdom and Finland. A Case Study from 10 Companies in the Industry and 3 from Other Industries Nilsson, Anders
The Building Construction Sector Modernization in Brazil and Design Quality Improving Novaes, Celso Carlos
CE-NET Presentation Pallot, Marc
The Maze Model of the Design Process Integrated with Multi-Criteria Optimization Pokojski, Jerzy
IT Support for the Design Process in a Multi-actor Environment Rezgui, Yacine
Planing and Construction of Real Estates Suiting to a CAFM-System Rothörl, Jens-Uwe
A Cooperative Framework to Support Concurrent Engineering Schmidt, Karin
Engineering Process Improvement of Design & Construction of Offshore Steel Structure Using Distributed Object Approach Son, Chang-Young
Time Compression - Construction Process supported by Appropriate IT Storer, Graham
Control Mechanism for Information Sharing in an Integrated Construction Environment Sun, Ming
Lean Product-Process Development Process: From 0D to 3D over Time Tommelein, Iris D.
Concurrent Engineering Issues in the Aerospace Industry - Lessons to be Learned for Construction? Tookey, John
Evaluating Risk Factors and Risk Strategies of Procurement Systems in Construction Projects Tsai, Tsung-Chieh
Action Workflow Perspective on Engineering Work Turk, Ziga
Systems Engineering: An Explicit Way of Working to Control the Design Process in the Building Industry Veenvliet, Karel
Towards Role Based Management of Cooperative Design Processes Wasserfuhr, Rainer
Lexicon - A Common Vocabulary for the Construction Industry Woestenenk, Kees
Knowledge Based Design and Construction Systems Xiu, Feng
Delivering Value Through the Use of Three Dimensional Computer Modeling Zabelle, Todd R.
A Componentware Approach for the New Generation of Business Applications in Construction Zarli, Alain
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