Proposal for an Integrated Information Model for
Concurrent Engineering of On-Site Construction
Corresponding Author: Dado, Edwin
Author(s): Dado, E., and Tolman, F.P.
Organisation(s): Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands)
The last few years several authors proposed neutral models of on-site construction project information [1,2,3,4]. Most authors however concentrated on information requirements of one, maybe two types of activities, like resource planning, cost estimating, measurement control, site layout planning, etc. Although most of these authors denoted the importance of information integration within the whole project team, the traditional way of working, where activities are performed in (relative) isolation, did not require an integrated model of on-site construction information.

Changing the traditional way of working to Concurrent Engineering requires an integrated model that concurrently supports the information needs of all (most) participants, including: client, project manager, resource planner, cost engineer, consultant, site layout planner, safety planner and inspector, land and site surveyor, supplier, subcontractor, regulator, foreman, labourer and equipment operator.

This paper presents an analysis of the information requirements of the most important participants involved in on-site construction, and reviews the state of the art of on-site construction models and their suitability to support the combined information needs, and proposes an integrated model (based on past efforts) that is both suitable and implementable.

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