Framework for Classifying Reengineering Efforts
in the Bridge Design Process
Corresponding Author: El-Diraby, Tamer
Author(s): El-Diraby, T.E.
Organisation(s): Zagazig University (Egypt) and University of Texas, Austin (USA)
Almost every state department of transportation has embarked on a sort of  reengineering effort. The lack of coordination amongst these departments has caused many wheels to be reinvented. Classifying reengineering efforts is the first step in creating a quasi-concurrent collaboration that would lead to more consistent processes. It will also optimize resources and bring different backgrounds and expertise together. This paper presents a framework for classifying efforts aiming at reengineering the process of bridge design. The framework consists of three major classification paradigms commonly investigated in reengineering efforts: effective process architecture, partnering, and knowledge utilization. These paradigms are categorized onto three main organizational dimensions: human, managerial systems, and administrative system.