Setting Up Efficient Design Process Management for the Construction and Engineering Projects
Corresponding Author: Kahkonen, Kalle
Author(s): Kahkonen, K., and Huovila, P.
Organisation(s): VTT Building Technology (Finland)
Understanding and management of design processes is of crucial importance in nowadays’ construction and engineering projects particularly in the terms of concurrent engineering. However, our learning continuum along research and development efforts focusing on management of design processes has a relatively short history and a lot of important challenges exist for researchers to form a basis for improvements in companies’ current practice. 

Recent effort by VTT Building Technology has resulted in a practical computerised tool named DSM System. The starting point of the development of this system was the Design Structure Matrix technique. The development in VTT has particularly focused on the interaction principles and means between the user and computer software. DSM System tool comprises: i) Design process modelling based of characteristics of design activities and information flows between them, ii) Combination of the use of design process optimisation algorithm and computer supported interactive process fine-tuning, and iii) New means to manage and understand large and complex design process matrices.

The paper will describe present the main results of the this effort, the feedback gained from live construction projects and challenges for future development.