Requirements for Construction Process
Modelling Information Technology Support
Corresponding Author: Karstila , Kari
Author(s): Karstila, K.
Organisation(s): EuroSTEP, Helsinki (Finland)
The multi-disciplinary, one-of-the-kind nature of construction projects, the increasing complexity of project organisation,  as well as the technology push from concurrent engineering and  information and communication technology developments, call for  new approaches for construction process design, planning and  management. The challenge for the development of new information  technology (IT) support is to provide models and IT tools to support  model-based construction process design and planning, and management  where the process components, their relationships and constraints can be modelled and validated as a virtual construction project before project realisation.

The paper deals with the requirements for IT support for construction process/project design and planning, especially from the viewpoint of construction process modelling, modelling methods, and IT support tools. 

Firstly, the needs for IT support for construction process design and planning, and the role of construction process models in the IT  support is outlined. Secondly, various approaches for construction  process and information modelling, like activity, information and  object modelling methods, are studied. Furthermore, the general  requirements for a construction process model are developed from the  construction process/project support needs. The requirements are reflected to the required capabilities of process modelling methods and support tools to be used in the process model development. A framework for construction process model architecture and its elements is then outlined. Finally, the implementation of IT support tools on the basis of construction process models and the utilization of the models and tools in the construction process design and  planning are discussed.