Delivering the Concurrent Engineering Challenge:
VTT Building Technology's Euro Experience
Corresponding Author: Kazi, Abdul Samad
Author(s): Hannus, M., Kazi, A.S.
Organisation(s): VTT Building Technology (Finland)
The definition, domain, techniques, and applications of concurrent engineering were addressed in significant detail at the 1st International Conference on Concurrent Engineering in Construction, 1997, London, UK. This paper considers the lessons derived from this conference and highlights some of VTT Building Technology's efforts in delivering the concurrent engineering challenge to the construction industry. A brief overview of some of VTT Building Technology's completed and ongoing concurrent engineering projects is presented in an attempt to raise awareness of and promote the application of concurrent engineering in the construction industry.

Some of the CE projects to be covered in this paper are:
- ToCEE: Towards Concurrent Engineering Environment in the Building and Engineering Structures Industry
- CONCUR: Concurrent Design and Engineering in Building and Civil Engineering
- Globeman21: Global Manufacturing Towards the 21st Century
- ELSEWISE: European Large Scale Engineering Wide Integration Support Effort
- SCENIC: Support Centres Network for Information Technology in Construction
- PROCURE: ICT at Work for the LSE Procurement Chain
- CONNET: Construction Information Service Network

Issues to be addressed for each project will include, but not be limited to:
Why: Why the project was undertaken,what issue was to be investigated, problem to be solved
Who: Who are the major project participants and end users
When: When the project was initiated, the project duration, effort consumed
How: How the project was done, tools and techniques used, procedures and work methodologies
What: What are the results of the project, findings, limitatations, applicability domains
Where: Where can the results of the project be appropriately exploited, implementation, industry, end users