Contractors Attitudes Toward a Concurrent Engineering
Design-and-Build Procurement Model: An Exploratory Study
Corresponding Author: Love, Peter E.D. 
Author(s): Love, P.E.D.
Organisation(s): School of Architecture and Building, Deakin University (Australia)
The construction procurement process has been heavily criticised for its fragmented approach toward the procurement of construction projects. This has affected project effectiveness inasmuch as current procurement practices do not effectively encourage the integration, co-ordination and communication between the project team. To overcome such difficulties researchers have embraced the concept of Concurrent Engineering (CE) as a potential method for procuring construction projects. Advances in information technology (IT) have driven most CE based research in construction, with limited research addressing the organisational infrastructure that needs to be place to enable its effective implementation. Without appropriate structures and processes in place, the potential of IT to improve decision-making and communication in projects will be lost. In an attempt to provide an infrastructure for IT, this paper presents an organisational structure for stimulating CE practices in construction. Using a semi-structured questionnaire construction industry practitioners' attitudes toward the model and CE-based design-and build are then presented and discussed. The findings indicate that almost all practitioners sampled supported a CE-based design-and-build procurement approach. However, it was perceived that this approach could only be used on certain project types. The paper concludes by recommending a strategy for implementing CE-based design -and- build in construction.