The Building Construction Sector Modernization
in Brazil and Design Quality Improving
Corresponding Author: Novaes, Celso Carlos
Author(s): Novaes, C.C.
Organisation(s): Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil)
The need for an improvement at products and processes quality at the building construction sector in Brazil is well known. The efforts made towards a recognition of the design process relevance are central. Integrated to the iniciatives on the issue, this work intends to propose a way to the design process improving. In Brazil it is very easy to note that, most of the time, the preocupations concerning the design process are related only to the products designs: architecture, structures and foundations, and plumbing system. The lack of completeness that can be noted in the usual designs, be it in composition or detailing, has leaded to low buildability results.

In really competitive markets, the building construction companies that manage promotion and building processes itself are searching for an improvement of the whole process, as is proved by researches made at São Paulo State, Brazil, with companies involved in organizational, productive and technological modernization processes. As a consequence, the need for a larger comprehension of the group of designs - product and production designs - and for an improving of the detailing level is a consense. The elaboration of a production design contributes to an effective dimensional, productive and technological integration between components and building elements. Besides that, the introduction of a certain number of actions aiming to guarantee the design quality during building production process has been also seen as fundamental to a better design buildability, helping to improve the productivity of the whole process and, even more important, the final product quality, in a perspective of modernization.

This work finishes with the proposal of a fluxogram to the building production process, focusing the design process, in which elaboration steps the buildings are progressively conceived and detailed, either as products or production designs, as is done in the Concurrent Engineering environment related to production process of manufactured goods.

The fluxogram detailing highlights the actions that should be done in each of the building production process steps to contribute to guarantee the design quality. Both the designing professionals and  the promotion and building production agents should be responsible for these actions, in order to assure the control of the design quality during its elaboration, during the design coordination (solutions compatibilization) and through conformities verification (critical analysis).