Planing and Construction of Real Estates
Suiting to a CAFM-System
Corresponding Author: Rothörl, Jens-Uwe
Author(s): Rothörl, J.U.
Organisation(s): HOCHTIEF Software GmbH (Germany)
What is Facility Management?

Computer Aided Facility Management
 · Facility Management System (FMS)
 · What do you need computer Aided Facility Management (FM) for?
 · Aims for the implementation of a modern system for object management
 · Employment of FM-Systems during the life-cycle of a building

Data generation for FM
 · Data generation today
 · Concept for an optimized data generation
 · Saving money on data generation

Data generation specifications
 · Structure
 · Ancillary conditions 
 · Benefits and side-effects
 · Upshots