Engineering Process Improvement of Design & Construction of Offshore Steel Structure Using Distributed Object Approach
Corresponding Author: Son, Chang-Young
Author(s): Yang, Y.T. (*), Son, C.Y. (+), and Jang, B.S. (+) 
Organisation(s): (*) Offshore & Engineering Division, Hyun Dai Heavy Industries (Korea), (+) Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Seoul National University (Korea)
Todays, to overcome sudden changes of market environment, many efforts integrating and networking all parts of industry are concentrated for strengthening competitive power and productivity of industry. Offshore structure construction is a typical one-off product industry. It is so essential to develope a concurrent engineering system in order to shorten the total production time for enhancing their competitive power.

Current state in utilizing of CE is not so active in offshore plant industry. The researches of this area so far were lean to developing the product model. From the background of CE concept, engineering process must be more emphasized than the product data model. Thus product data integration only cannot maximize the effectiveness of CE without logical analysis of engineering process.

In this study, the detail design and construction process of offshore substructure is analyzed using IDEF0(ICAM DEFinition), and Jacket Information modelling is developed using EXPRESS and product model database has been implemented based on STEP so that computer supported Jacket construction system can improve engineering process. 

To apply the developed model, the Joint design alternatives which are very crucial for the detail design and construction are generated and evaluated by considering material and construction cost on a network environment which consists of a WWW browser, CORBA objects, relational database management system, and CAD applications.