Time Compression - Construction Process Supported by Appropriate IT
Corresponding Author: Storer, Graham
Author(s): Storer, G. (other authors to be confirmed)
Organisation(s): Taylor Woodrow Construction (UK)
Construction was long thought of as being a different industry. It was not manufacturing industry, it was not service industry, it was not commerce, it was not communications. It was construction.

In the last five years, however, construction has been the target of demands for improvement by Clients (our customers) in those other sectors. They failed to understand why construction was so different.

Slowly, therefore, the terminology of other industries has crept in - process, lean construction, outsourcing, time compression, concurrent engineering, workflow management etc.

There is much to learn from, and share with, other sectors - not least much of the technology of information and approach. But it needs to be packaged for construction.

This paper will combine the intermediate results of two projects - Time Compression in Design Management to Reduce Risk (Partners in Technology programme, UK) and Brite-EuRam CONCUR (Concurrent Design and Engineering in Building & Civil Engineering).

The paper will be an end-user overview to complement possible detailed papers by other authors.