Action Workflow Perspective on Engineering Work
Corresponding Author: Turk, Ziga
Author(s): Turk, Z. (*), Lundgren, B. (+), et al. (+)
Organisation(s): (*) University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), (+) KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Information technology can only support concurrent engineering if engineering works are well understood and documented. The prevailing approach to do this is process modeling. We found, however, that traditional process modeling techniques obscure some aspects of human works, such as communication, collaboration, coordination, client-worker relations and client satisfaction. Particularly in the field of facility management, the latter is particularly important. We find that the Action Workflow approach addresses these problems. In the paper we provide the theoretical background of this approach, compare it to traditional IDEF0 and IDEF3 activity modeling approach and demonstrate its use by modeling facility management. We found that the observation of the workflow loops provides a good overview of what is going on and enables the study of optimization and paralelisation of the works and in the same time maintain and improve the quality of the services and client satisfaction.