Lexicon - A Common Vocabulary for the Construction Industry
Corresponding Author: Woestenenk, Kees
Author(s): Woestenenk, K.
Organisation(s): STABU (the Netherlands)
The Lexicon is a vocabulary comprised of construction terms and their associations. The construction terms identify the products resulting from construction activities, such as buildings, roads and parts of these, as well as products delivered to be implemented into these construction products or to be used as construction aids. This group of products are called Built Objects. 

Built Objects are described by a sets descriptors which together form the definitions of the Built Objects. These descriptors are also part of the Lexicon, devided into the following categories:
* components, describing Built Objects which are part of the described Built Object;
* functions, describing the possible roles of the Built Object in its environment;
* characteristics, describing the qualities of the Built Object.

Components are Built Objects as well, and can thus be described as Built Objects in their own right. As a component, its functionality follows from the roles and tasks it gets in this environment.

Functions describe the required, expected or exposed functionality, or behavior, of a Built Object, necessary to fulfill tasks or to play roles in the environment to which this Built Object belongs. Functions do not reveal the internal structure of the Built Object, so from a functional point of view a Built Object can be regarded as a 'black box'.

Characteristics are the measurable quantities that ultimately provide the functionality. Quantities are measured using units. Both quantity and unit types are also part of the Lexicon.

The Lexicon provides an instrument for the semantical storage of construction data, which data then can be exchanged between applications using the established protocols, like STEP and IFC.