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Wednesday 25.8.1999
8:00 Registration 
( Jaana Streng and Saara Hannus )
8:45 Opening 
(Matti Hannus)
9:00 Keynote: Process change in BAA 
Matthew Bacon
10:00 Coffee break
Session W1 - Foundations and principles of Concurrent Engineering
(Chaired by: Kalle Kahkonen)
10:20 Concurrent Engineering: From Project Management Perspective 
C. J. Bhuta and S.N. Tucker
10:40 Introduction of Concurrent Engineering Concepts into an Integrated Product and Process Model 
A.F. Cutting-Decelle, C.J. Anumba, A.N. Baldwin, D. Bouchlaghem, J. Dufau and M. Mommessin
11:00 Location Breakdown and Short Throughput Times - A way to Concurrent Design and Construction 
Juhani Kiiras
11:20 Concurrent Engineering in Construction: From Theory to Practice 
Lauri Koskela and Pekka Huovila
11:40 Lunch
Session W2 - Information management and technologies
(Chaired by: Robert Amor)
13:00 Proposal for an Integrated Information Model for Concurrent Engineering of On-Site Construction 
E. Dado and F.P. Tolman
13:20 Java Collaborative Technology Selections in NCSA Habanero 
Larry S. Jackson
13:40 An Information Model for Client Requirements Processing in Concurrent Life-Cycle Design and Construction 
J. M. Kamara, C. J. Anumba, N. F. O. Evbuomwan, and B. Hobbs
14:00 Time Compression - Construction Process supported by Appropriate IT 
Graham Storer and Jan Masat
14:20 Coffee break
Session W3 - Concurrent Engineering environments
(Chaired by: Graham Storer)
14:40 A Virtual Work Environment for AEC Project Collaboration 
Uwe Forgber
15:00 A Concurrent Engineering Approach to Geotechnical Design and Construction 
Mauro Mangini and Henry Marc Sparacello
15:20 Product Modeling in A Collaborative Environment 
Parisa Ghodous and Denis Vandorpe
15:40 Requirements for Concurrent Engineering Environment in CONCUR Project 
Matti Hannus and Ville Aarni
16:00 Coffee break
Session W4 - Concurrent Engineering environments
(Chaired by: Chimay Anumba)
16:20 IT Support for the Design Process in a Multiactor Environment 
Yacine Rezgui, Grahame Cooper and Peter Brandon
16:40 Control Mechanism for Information Sharing in an Integrated Construction Environment 
Ming Sun and G. Aouad
17:00 Virtual Reality: Human Interface to Product Data 
Tero Hemiö and Mika Salonen
17:20 Industry Demonstration/Presentations 
(Pekka Huovila and Tero Hemiö)
18:30 Reception
Thursday 26.8.1999
Session T1 - Applications and tools
(Chaired by: Alain Zarli)
8:40 A New Approach to the Process of Selecting Foundation Type 
M. van Dooren, M. Mawdesley, S. Al-jibouri and U. Karim
9:00 Can Pull Techniques Be Used in Design Management? 
Glenn Ballard (Todd R. Zabelle)
9:20 Development of a Drawing Version Control System, used to support alternative designs and ensure the integrity of external references 
Gakuhitio Hirasawa and Makoto Kataoka
9:40 A Recursive Competence-Based Approach for Managing a Firm in Capital Investments Markets 
Pekka Huovinen
10:00 Coffee break
Session T2 - Applications and tools
(Chaired by: Pekka Huovila)
10:20 Implementation of an Internet-Based Project Information Centre 
Antti Lakka
10:40 The LexiCon 
Kees Woestenenk
11:00 Delivering Value Through the Use of Three Dimensional Computer Modeling 
Todd R. Zabelle and Martin A. Fischer
11:20 A Componentware Approach for the New Generation of Business Applications in Construction 
Alain Zarli, Eamonn Buckley and Olivier Richaud
11:40 Lunch
Session T3 - Research projects on Concurrent Engineering
(Chaired by: Bo-Christer Björk)
13:00 A Survey and Analysis of Integrated Project Databases 
Robert Amor and Chimay Anumba
13:20 Towards Parametric Causal Models of Concurrent Engineering Decisions in Construction 
Hossam El-Bibany and Ted Lynch
13:40 Framework for a Concurrent Fuzzy System for Risk Analysis in Construction 
Tamer E. El-Diraby, Youssef A. Mohieldin and Ismail A. Basha
14:00 An Exploration of Knowledge Management for Construction 
Abdul Samad Kazi, Matti Hannus and Chotchai Charoenngam
14:20 Coffee break
Session T4 - Research projects on Concurrent Engineering
(Chaired by: A.F. Cutting-Decelle)
14:40 Stimulating Concurrent Engineering in Construction - The EAPPM Aims and Motivations 
R.J. Scherer and R. J. Goncalves (Rainer Wasserfuhr)
15:00 Requirements of the Large Scale Engineering Industry in a "Virtual Enterprise" Environment - Findings from eLSEwise 
Tarek M Hassan, Ron McCaffer and Tony Thorpe
15:20 CE-NET: The Initiative Towards the Concurrent Enterprise Foundation 
Marc Pallot, Petri Pulli, Jan Tuxen and Frithjof Weber
15:40 A Comparison of New Product Introduction in the Construction and Manufacturing Sectors: Implications for Implementing Concurrent Engineering 
N.J. Brookes, C. J. Anumba and J.M. Kamara
16:00 Coffee break
Session T5 - Industry case studies and experiences 
(Chaired by: Matti Hannus)
16:20 Framework for Classifying Reengineering Efforts in the Bridge Design Process 
Tamer E. El-Diraby
16:40 The Building Construction Sector Modernization in Brazil and Design Quality Improving 
Celso Carlos Novaes
17:00 Concurrent Engineering Issues in the Aerospace Industry - Lessons to be Learned for Construction? 
J.E.Tookey and J.Betts
CIB TG33 Group Meeting
(Chaired by: Matti Hannus and Chimay Anumba)
19:00 Dinner (Boat Cruise to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and dinner at Walhalla Restaurant)
Friday 27.8.1999
9:00 Keynote: UG-WAVE - A Concurrent Engineering Tool for Systems Engineering 
Biren Prasad
10:00 Coffee break
Session F1 - Process and enterprise modelling
(Chaired by: Hossam El-Bibany)
10:20 Application of the Analytical Design Planning Technique in the Project Process 
Simon Austin , Andrew Baldwin, Jamie Hammond and Paul Waskett
10:40 Organising for Concurrent Engineering: The Theory and Practice of Managing the Supply Chain through Clusters 
Davide Nicolini, R. Holti and M. Smalley
11:00 Setting Up Efficient Design Process Management for the Construction and Engineering Projects 
Kalle Kahkonen and Pekka Huovila
11:20 What Procurement Method Fits Concurrent Design and Construction of Buildings? 
Juhani Kiiras
11:40 Lunch
Session F2 - Process and enterprise modelling
(Chaired by: Matthew Bacon)
13:00 Models for the Construction Process - The MoPo-project 
Kari Karstila and Bo-Christer Björk
13:20 The Construction and Facilities Management Process From an End Users Perspective - ProFacil 
Bo-Christer Björk, Anders Nilsson and Bernd Lundgren
13:40 Formal Languages for Construction Process Modelling 
Vesa Karhu
14:00 Communication Workflow Perspective on Engineering Work 
Ziga Turk and Berndt Lundgren
14:20 Coffee break
Session F3 - Process and enterprise modelling
(Chaired by: Tarek Hassan )
14:40 Evaluating Risk Factors and Risk Strategies of Procurement Systems in Construction Projects 
Tsung-Chieh Tsai, Shuzo Furusaka and Takashi Kaneta
15:00 Integrated Product-Process Development Model To Support Design-Build 
Nuno Gil, Iris D. Tommelein, Robert S. Miles, Glenn Ballard and Robert L. Kirkendall
15:20 Systems Engineering: An Explicit Way of Working to Control the Design Process in the Building Industry: A Research Agenda 
Karel Veenvliet
15:40 Towards Role Based Management of Cooperative Design Processes 
Rainer Wasserfuhr and Raimar J. Scherer
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Panel Discussion "CEC: Challenges for the New Millenium" 
( Davide Nicolini, Bo-Christer Björk, Graham Storer, Biren Prasad, and Matthew Bacon)
17:00 Closing
(Matti Hannus)
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