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Project risk management is a pro-active task needing attention

Do your risk management as early as possible. Otherwise you may have lost your possibilities for better decisions, choices, back-up plans or other responsive actions. Companies’ need a systematic practice for this purpose.

Temper System is a software family for project risk management. It can be used to assist within different risk management phases from risk identification to response action planning and analyses. Temper System can facilitate systematic project risk management by its approach fitting individuals’ natural way of working and way of forming understanding over risks and responses.

Customised solutions are way to go

Project risk management solutions can be vary a lot from each other in different situations and organizations. This is the main reason for having a solution that is called a software family. It is composed of different applications meeting the various needs of different project phases and situations. The applications are customized to fit with project culture and practice in a particular company.

Background and experiences

Temper System is based on wide and long term studies and experiences in VTT on international delivery projects in several lines of businesses. Nowadays, systematic project risk management is acknowledged as a significant skill and knowledge area. Thus Temper System is gaining increasing attention and it is used in many companies.  


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