The 9th IGLC conference in Singapore

The International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) held its 
ninth annual conference on 6 - 8 August 2001 in Singapore. 
The conference was hosted by the Department of 
Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore.


Proceedings of the 9th International Group for Lean Construction 
Conference. Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore, 6 - 8 August 2001.
Chua, David & Ballard, Glenn (eds.). National University of 
Singapore (2001).

Copies of the proceedings are available from Mr Clarence Tan,
Professional Activities Centre, Faculty of Engineering, National 
University of Singapore, 9 Engineering Drive 1, Blk EA #04-10, 
Singapore 117576, Tel: (65) 874 5113, Fax: (65) 874 5097, 

Conference Full Papers


Glenn Ballard; Cycle Time Reduction in Home Building
Iris D. Tommelein, Greg Beeche; De-coupling Exterior Cladding
Installation from Interior Trades: A Case Study

Gihan L.Garas, Ahmed R.Anis, Adel El Gammal;
Materials Waste in the Egyptian Construction Industry

Choon Kwee Goh, Grace Siew Tuan Chng, Abas Binte Nashila
and Donal Lenihan;
The Effectiveness of Internal Quality Audits on ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems in the Construction Sector


Michael Whelton, Glenn Ballard, and Iris Tommelein;
Application of Design Rationale Systems  to Project 
Definition-Establishing a Research Project

Gil, N., Tommelein, I.D., and Kirkendall, R.; 
Modeling the Design-Build Development Process for 
a Facility Component

Patricia Tzortzopoulos, Carlos Torres Formoso , Martin Betts
Planning the Product Development Process in Construction:
an Exploratory Case Study 


D.K.H. Chua, A. Tyagi;
Process-Parameter-Interface Model for Lean Design 

David Riley, Michael Horman;

The effects of design coordination on project uncertainty

Lean Energy Desing

Robert S. Miles, P.E. and Glenn Ballard;

Problems in the Interface Between Mechanical Design 
and Construction

Patrick T.I. Lam, Mohan M Kumaraswamy,S.Thomas Ng;
The Multiple Roles of Specifications in Lean Construction


Hirota, Ercília H,. and Formoso, Carlos T.;
Barriers to Management Innovations: communicating meanings

Nadia G. Akel, Iris D. Tommelein, J.C. Boyers,
Kenneth D. Walsh, and James C. Hershauer;
Considerations for Streamlining a Vertically-Integrated 
Company: A Case Study

Luis F. Alarcón, Alejandro Grillo, Javier Freire2 and Sven Diethelm;

Learning from Colaborative Benchmarking in the Construction 

Luis F. Alarcón,  Sven Diethelm;

Organizing to Introduce Lean Practices in Construction 

Panagiotis (Takis) Mitropoulos, Gregory Howell;
Performance Improvement Programs And Lean Construction

Christian T Lindfors;

Process Orientation: An Approach for Organisations to Function Effectively

Hyun Jeong Choo, Iris D. Tommelein;
Requirements and Barriers to Adoption of Last Planner 
Computer Tools

Mohammed Fadhil Dulaimi, Caroline Tanamas;
The Principles of the Application of Lean Construction 
in Singapore

Roine Leiringer;
The Scope for Innovative Thinking in Public-Private 

Project Management:

Yong-Woo Kim, Glenn Ballard;
Activity-Based Costing and its Application to Lean Construction

Ype Cuperus;
An Introduction to Open Building

Gregory A. Howell, Glenn Ballard, Jerome Hall;

Capacity Utilization And Wait Time: A Primer For Construction

David, K. H. Chua, and Li Jun Shen;

Constraint Modeling and Buffer Management with Integrated 
Production Scheduler


Marchesan, P.R.C.; Formoso, C. T.
Cost Management and Production Control for Construction

Mohammad El-Mashaleh, William J. O’Brien, Kerry London
Envelopment Methodology to Measure and Compare 
Subcontractor Productivity at the Firm Level

Cynthia C.Y. Tsao, Iris D. Tommelein;

Integrated Product-Process Development by a Light Fixture 

Tarcisio Abreu Saurin, Carlos Torres Formoso, Lia Buarque de Macedo Guimaraes;
Integrating Safety into Production Planning and Control Process:An Exploratory Study

Michael J. Horman
Modeling the effects of lean capacity strategies on project 

I-Tung Yang, Photios G. Ioannou;

Resource-Driven Scheduling for Repetitive Projects: 
a Pull System Approach


Caren A. Crutcher, Kenneth D. Walsh,James C. Hershauer, Iris D. Tommelein;
Effects of a Prefered Vendor Relationship on an Electrical 
Component Supplier and Electrical Contractor: A Case Study

Ruben Vrijhoef, Lauri Koskela, Greg Howell;
Understanding Construction Supply Chains: 
An Alternative Interpretation


Sven Bertelsen;
Lean Construction as an Integrated Production

Lauri Koskela;
On New Footnotes to Shingo

Glenn Ballard, Lauri Koskela, Gregory Howell, Todd Zabelle;
Production System Design in Construction

Flávio A. Picchi
System view of lean construction application opportunities

Lauri Koskela
, Greg Howell;
Reforming Project Management: The Role of Planning, 
Execution and Controlling

David Seymour and John Rooke;
The Role of Ethnography in the 
Implementation of Lean Construction

Tiina Järvinen


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