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Building HVAC Component Database

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In building design practice of today the selection of building components is mostly based on the use of paper format catalogues. However the continuously growing use of information technology in building design process seems to offer powerful enough means to store all component data in electrical format in databases and integrate these databases to building design systems. Available component databases are usually limited to serve only some special type of components. Storage of another type of components is not possible without changes in database structures and user interfaces. There is need for more generic database structures which able storage and management of any kind of component data. Also data search mechanism are not flexible enough for multicriterium search of component data. In this project is implemented the building HVAC component database prototype with which the Finnish OOCAD2 generic product data model is tested.


Main objectives of this subproject were:

  • To develop a functional HVAC component database prototype
  • To test applicability of the Finnish OOCAD2 generic product data model for implementation of a HVAC component database
  • To integrate the HVAC component database to the COMBINE 2 design system with a data exchange link
  • Deliverables

  • HVAC Component Database program (2652 Kb).

  • HVAC Component Database report (332 Kb).

  • The component database is implemented with the Access 1.0 relational database. The database browser is programmed with the Microsoft Visual C++. The database and the browser are accessed to each other with the ODBC link. Data exchange to outside is programmed with the WinSocket program.

    Updated 15.12.1995 by Raine Talonpoika, Computer Integrated Construction research team, VTT Building Technology