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Possibilities to control life-cycle costs of buildings are greatest in the very early building planning phases. However there is lack of reliable cost estimation tools for early planning phases. In this project has been implemented simple costing tool prototype based on the neuralnetwork technology. The costing tool was accessed with the STEP input/output off-line link to the common design database of the COMBINE 2 project.


  • Implement a prototype costing tool for early planning phases.
  • Testing of neuralnetwork technology applicability for building cost estimations.
  • Linking the costing tool with the STEP based data exchange to the COMBINE 2 integrated design system.
  • Deliverables

  • Costing Tool program (1368 Kb).

  • Costing Tool report (357 Kb).

  • The Costing Tool is programmed with the commercial NeuroWin neuralnetwork tool and the user interface is programmed with the VisualBasic programming tool.


    Updated 15.12.1995 by Raine Talonpoika, Computer Integrated Construction research team, VTT Building Technology