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VTT's research projects Building HVAC Component Database and Costing Tool for Early Design Phases were part of the COMBINE 2 research project (1992-1995) of EU's JOULE 2 program. COMBINE 2 project implemented prototype of a computer-based Integrated Design System. Main design aspect was energy-economic design of buildings but also other aspects as architectural planning, HVAC design, costing, component databases were dealed with. For data exchange between different design tools new product data technology of the international STEP standard was tested.

VTT's participation for the COMBINE2 project was mainly funded by the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry (TEKES).

Organisation and resources

Project team members of these two subprojects were from VTT Building Technology.
Project team of the Costing Tool For Early Planning Phases project:
Kenneth Lassila, Jukka Pallas, Sakari Pulakka and Raine Talonpoika
Project team of the Building HVAC Component Database project:
Kenneth Lassila, Jukka Pallas, Kari Karstila and Raine Talonpoika

More information of VTT's subprojects can be found from the following links:

  • Building HVAC Component Database
  • Costing Tool.

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