Deliverables of CONCUR

WP1Information Requirements
R1101Process Models for Industrial Partners
R1201Information requerements for Inception
R1301lnformation Modelling
R1401Tender Stage information
R1501Project Management information requirements & model
WP2Industry Software Applications
R2101Software review
R2201Configure Inception Software
D2201Demonstration of Inception applications + data model
R2301Configure Project Management Software
D2301Demonstration Project Management applications + data model
R2401Configuration Specification Software - SpecExplorer
D2401Demonstration Specification applications + data model
R2501Configuration of - Cost Engineering Software: CATOPro
D2501Demonstration Cost engineering applications + data model
D2502Demonstration Sceduling applications + data model
WP3Process and Application Integration
R3101Interface specifications for software applications.
R3201Information Management System (IMS) architecture and implementation
D3201Implementaion of Management System (IMS)
R3301Establish Application Interfaces to IMS Repository
R3401Release and test in Virtual Project prototype
R3501Schedule of modifications made during Deployment Trials
WP4Industrial Working Scenarios
R4101Industrial working scenarios
D4201Computer simulation for installation at all partnersí sites
R4301Report describing the coupled prototype
D4301Demonstration of coupled applications (file exchange/Internet)
R4401A report describing the IMS prototype for publication
D4401Demonstration of IMS and integrated software applications
R4501Booklet describing the Deployment Trials
D4501Industrial Deployment Trials
V4501Video presenting the Deployment Trials
WP5Project Management and Dissemination of Results
R51011st Periodic Progress Report
R51022nd Periodic Progress Report
R51033rd Periodic Progress Report
R51044th Periodic Progress Report
R51055th Periodic Progress Report
R51066th Periodic Progress Report
R51077th Periodic Progress Report
R5108Final Report of the CONCUR project
R5109Synthesis Report for publication
R5110Exploitation report