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eProCon Nordic Seminar
Date to be decided
Copenhagen, Denmark (venue tentative)

A Nordic seminar on electronic dissemination of building product information.

The eProCon project team will organise a Nordic seminar at the end of the project. The aim of the conference is to bring together providers of information on building products and those working in this area of information technology, to present the Nordic Innovation Center supported project eProCon and to invite interested parties to present their views on the subject.

eProCon Industry Meeting
31st March, 2003
Lund Technical University LTH, Sweden

Nordic organisations and experts come together to learn about what others are doing in this field, to establish liaisons and share interests.

Other events related to eProCon
10th September, 2004
Reykjavik, Iceland

Nordic Innovation Centre Forum 2004 (called "NICe-Forum")