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The lack of standard information structures and processes for electronic presentation of building and construction products (BCP) hampers seamless eWork, eCommerce and integration of value chain activities. Technical and trade information about BCP is not available to designers, contractors and facility managers in a way that would make it easy for them to find, compare and procure these products.

Nordic building centres have for more than 20 years provided this service to the industry but are facing competition from EU and overseas as well as business and technical difficulties in coping with industry requirements for open systems, capable of information exchange and on-line trade. The situation also affects the ability of SMEs to participate in eBusiness and become part of the new knowledge market, to improve their competitive advantage and strengthen their international position as well as providing an open competitive internal Nordic BCP market.


The project proposes to build a common infrastructure for information about building products that will enable e-work in design and construction and support e-commerce of building products. Exchange and re-use of information will be possible between software applications and in electronic service-to-service transactions that will improve industry unity, collaboration and information sharing.

Kick-off in November 2002

eProCon project was started 1st November 2002 and it will end 31st December 2004. The project is supported by the Nordic Innovation Centre (Project id: 02060).

Consortium members

eProCon has 9 participating organisations from 5 Nordic countries:
Iceland Icelandic Building Research Institute - IBRI, Icelandic Building Information Centre - IBC, epró Ltd - epró.
Finland Technical Research Centre of Finland, Building and Transport - VTT, Building Information Foundation - BIF.
Sweden GDL Technology Nordic Europe - GDL Tech, AB Svensk Byggtjanst - SBT.
Norway Norsk Byggtjeneste AS - NBT.
Denmark Byggecentrum - BC.


Contact person eProCon:
Gudni Gudnason
Islands Byggforskningsinstitut
Tel. +354 570 7332

Contact person NICe:
Martin Wilisoo
Tel. +47 23 35 45 59