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  • Draft specifications for integration of Nordic information services
  • eProCon GDL web broker
  • State of the Art analyses and market watch in information brokering, requirements capture
    Current activities
  • Software development for eProCon services started 6/2004
  • Presentation and demonstration at NICe 2004 being prepared
  • Events

  • eProCon participating NICe forum in Reykjavik 10th September, 2004
  • eProCon presented at: CE2003 - 10th ISPE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCURRENT ENGINEERING: RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, Carlton Madeira Hotel, Madeira Island - Portugal, 26 - 30 JULY, 2003
    Kick-off in November 2002
    The eProCon project kick-off meeting in Reykjavik on 29th November 2002 was participated and consortium agreement was signed by 9 participating organisations from 5 Nordic countries:
    Iceland Icelandic Building Research Institute - IBRI, Icelandic Building Information Centre - IBC, TIR Knowledge & Solutions - TIR.
    Finland Technical Research Centre of Finland, Building and Transport - VTT, Building Information Foundation - BIF.
    Sweden GDL Technology Nordic Europe - GDL Tech, AB Svensk Byggtjanst - SBT.
    Norway Norsk Byggtjeneste AS - NBT.
    Denmark Byggecentrum - BC.