eLEGAL - Project Presentation

Contract no: IST-1999-20570 Project acronym: eLEGAL
Project name: Specifying Legal Terms of Contract in ICT Environment
Key Action: II New methods of work and electronic commerce
Action line: II.I.I New perspectives for work and Business
List of
Loughborough University (UK), Masons (UK), SEIB Informations Technologie Consult GmbH (Germany), Dr.jur. Eduard Ott (Germany), Geodeco S.p.A (Italy), VTT (Finland), Enterprise Net Finland Oy (Finland), Ponton Software Technology (Germany), Fortum Engineering (Finland)
Total cost: 1,465,241 Commission funding: 900.000
Project main goal(s): ICT based information exchange in project based business such as construction and large scale engineering has become common but is not properly covered by the contractual practice. The full use of inter-enterprise ICT is hampered by poorly defined responsibilities, overlapping communication techniques and mistrust. The goal of this project is to define a framework for legal conditions and contracts regarding the use of ICT in project business. The objective is to specify user requirements, implement legal support tools & promote an enhanced business practice in which the use of ICT in inter-enterprise information exchange is contractually stipulated. The measurable and tangible objectives of eLEGAL are: define industrial requirements, define the legal basis for contracts on ICT use in virtual enterprise, develop tools for contract negotiation and authoring, test and validate results, promote deployment by IT vendors, legal experts and industry.
Contracts about ICT environment in Virtual Enterprises.
The main focus of eLEGAL is on inter-enterprise contracts on the use of ICT in project oriented business such as construction and large scale engineering. The duration of eLEGAL is 24 months. The project will consist of 7 Work Packages:
  • WP1 User requirements: State-of-the-art survey on current contractual practice, current and emerging ICT support, related RTD, standards and models. Definition of a conceptual framework. User Requirement specification.
  • WP2 Legal development: Collecting data from participating countries and setting up a reusable clause library. Definition of contract configuration logic to be used as a basis of support tools. Definition of model contracts as examples of good practice in some typical business conditions. Development of legal solutions for AEC-objects like STEP or IFCs.
  • WP3 Tool development: Specification of tools for contract preparation. Development of contract negotiation and configuration tools. Development of a tool for defining the ICT environment in a business project.
  • WP4 Validation and recommendations: Testing and validation via simulated contract negotiations and real life pilot projects. Preparation of guidelines on legal aspects of IT. Contributions to standardisation. Definition of recommended deployment strategies to the industry. Adaption to other business lines.
  • WP5 Dissemination & implementation: Organisation of workshops, publishing electronic newsletter, maintenance of public web site, preparation of public presentations, promotion of proposed business processes and commercial results, International Conference, etc.
  • WP6 Assessment and evaluation: Definition of performance metrics. On-going assessment of project progress towards the objectives. Quality assurance.
  • WP7 Project management: Administration and technical co-ordination. Assessment and evaluation: Definition of performance metrics. Assessment of project progress towards the objectives. Quality assurance, Project reviews.
  • Expected
    The key results of eLEGAL are:
  • User requirements for legal support in construction projects
  • Library of re-usable clauses and model contracts
  • Contract configuration and negotiation tools
  • Simulated contract negotiation game
  • Recommendations to standardisation
  • Coordinator
    Dr. Tarek Hassan
    Loughborough University
    Leicestershire, LE11 3TU
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 1509 222 602
    Mbl: +44 7808 477 551
    Fax: +44 1509 223 981
    Email: t.hassan@lboro.ac.uk
    URL: http://www.lboro.ac.uk