Eduard Ott,
qualified civil engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), industrial engineer (Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing.) and legal expert (Assessor jur. and Dr. jur.).

Arbitrator at the European Court of Arbitration (Strasbourg-Karlsruhe), specialised on construction disputes.

Working as a lawyer exclusively in the field of construction and computer law, before as an engineer and project manager on building sites.

Reads lectures and holds seminars on construction law for engineers and lawyers.

Contributions in European research projects:

ToCEE project:
  • legal model
  • contractual model
  • system of approval
  • digital signature
  • eLEGAL project:
  • user requirements
        & state-of-the-art
  • legal development

  • Dr. jur. Eduard Ott
    Legal Expert
    Civil Engineer
    Industrial Engineer
    Arbitrator for
    construction disputes
    Vorhoelzerstr. 21
    D-81477 München
    Voice: +49 (89) 749161-21
    Fax: +49 (89) 749161-31