Deliverable D44:
Integrated demonstration


This summary describes how the results from GLOBEMEN will be demonstrated.

Live demonstrations of the software prototypes will be presented by partners in specific events.

The public web demonstration is the main means for disseminating the results of Globemen to an external audience. It can be accessed over the Internet and on CDs using generally available tools, mainly a web browser. The viewer can navigate through various sections of the web demonstration scenario according to his/her specific interests. The demonstration consists of slides, animations, diagrams, work process illustrations etc. In order to make the web demonstration more realistic it contains presentations from the live prototype demonstrations.

The Globemen results, such as software prototypes, are demonstrated in a hypothetical business scenario involving a number of (hypothetical) companies in an enterprise network and a Virtual Enterprise. The Globemen project has specified requirements and provides solutions for three main portions of the system: Sales and Services, Inter-Enterprise delivery Management and Distributed Engineering. Within the scope of each subsystem a number of prototypes have been developed by Globemen partners. The prototypes are demonstrated in the framework of a hypothetical story about an oil platform delivery. The story is illustrated by Globemen prototypes in related business situations. The story emphasizes the generic applicability of the proposed solutions and the demonstration illustrates them in partner specific sample cases.

The demonstration focuses on inter-enterprise operations and the enabling ICT infrastructure. In case when some phases of the "story" can not be demonstrated by available systems they are mentioned in the storyboard for the sake of completeness.

The public web-based demonstration is accessible through the GLOBEMEN website at


Figure 1: GLOBEMEN web demonstration