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Global Engineering and Manufacturing in Enterprise Networks
Globemen abstract
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IMS on 16.3.1999
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Objectives of the proposal

The vision of global manufacturing assumes a virtual enterprise combining globally distributed core competencies in customer solution provision, co-ordinated by means of a globally networked IT infrastructure. This project will build on and expand the key elements of the IMS project Globeman 21.

The goal of the GLOBEMEN project is to define and develop the architecture for globally distributed product life cycle management, project and manufacturing management. The solutions will be created and demonstrated using state-of-the-art information technologies to support efficient human networking and collaboration in global multicultural environment. The focus is on inter-enterprise information exchange and control:

Tangible outcomes of the GLOBEMEN project will be:

The GLOBEMEN project will focus on defining the architecture for distributed global manufacturing. Common R&D will focus on defining and demonstrating the core integrating environment. In addition, targeted industrial prototypes within the architecture will be implemented.

Figure 1: Architecture for Global Manufacturing Management

Industrial relevance

It should be noted that many of the partners in this project are IT Solution Providers, as well as users of IT solutions. None of the partners will have exclusive rights to Foreground developed in the project. This matter will be addressed further in the CCA.


GLOBEMEN will build on proprietary results of several partners from the IMS Globeman21 consortium. In addition to the technical results of Globeman21 the project will also rely on the experiences in managing global research.

The approach of GLOBEMEN is to address three main aspects of manufacturing: sales and services, delivery process management and product/process engineering. Work in these areas will be co-ordinated and integrated by a specific work package.

Overview of planned work (As planned at abstract submission time 99/03)

The development within each of the three application areas covers: definition of architecture, specification of required methods and tools, preparation of guidelines to support industrial implementation and deployment, demonstration of proposed architecture and implementation of industrial prototypes. The work will be co-ordinated and integrated into a generic architecture, industrial requirement specifications, a virtual enterprise handbook and a demonstration. The results will be consolidated and disseminated to the industry.

The duration of GLOBEMEN is 3 years.

GLOBEMEN will consist of the 5 Work Packages (+ project management):
WP1.Sales & services in dynamic networks: Management of distributed sales, services and operation, maintenance & renewal support.
WP2.Inter-enterprise resource management: Inter-enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, integration of planning and manufacturing.
WP3.Distributed engineering: Product and process engineering in a distributed global environment.
WP4.Global architecture and implementation: Definition of generic architecture and reference model, in collaboration with WP 1-3. Specification and implementation of an integrated demonstration.
WP5.Dissemination & exploitation planning: Organisation of workshops, publishing electronic newsletter, maintenance of public web site, preparation of public presentations, promotion of proposed business processes and commercial results etc.

Cost estimates (Estimated figures at abstract submission time 99/03)

Region No of partners Effort in person years   Cost MUSD
Australia 5 20 3.94 MAUD 2.50
EU 6 35 5.00 MEuro 5.50
Japan 5 30 500 MYen 4.15
USA 3 10 1.50 MUSD 1.50
Switzerland* ? ?   ?
Total 19 95   13.65
* Negotiations are currently in progress with the Swiss region concerning the possible inclusion of 2 partners from Switzerland.

Partners (Anticipated partners at abstract submission time 99/03)

Region      Partners Contact information
  • Farley Cutting Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • Hawker de Havilland Pty Ltd
  • Orica Australia Pty Ltd
  • Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • Griffith University
Inter-regional co-ordinating partner
& regional co-ordinating partner:

Farley Cutting Systems Australia Pty Ltd
Dr. Bob Brown (point of contact)
7-9 Walter Street, Glenroy, Vic. 3047, Australia
Tel: +61-3-5796-2522 Fax: +61-3-5796-252
  • Baan
  • Odense Steel Shipyard
  • YIT Corporation
  • A possible additional industry partner
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • VTT
Regional co-ordinating partner:
YIT Corporation
Dr. Jarmo Laitinen
Panuntie 11, POB 36,
FIN-00621 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358-204332414, Fax:
  • Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
  • Omron Corporation
  • Toyo Engineering Corporation
  • Hosei University
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry (JSPMI)
Regional co-ordinating partner:
Toyo Engineering Corporation
Yoichi Kamio
8-1, Akanehama 2-chome, Narashino-shi,
Chiba 275-0024, Japan
Tel: +81-47-454-1948, Fax: +81-47-451-54
     To be confirmed:
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Intergraph
  • University of Virginia
Regional co-ordinating partner:
Newport News Shipbuilding
Bill Georges
4101 Washington Avenue, Newport News,
Virginia, 23607, USA
Tel +1 757 865 6768, Fax: +1 757 865 9251
     To be confirmed:
  • two possible partners
On going negotiations

Value added in the international co-operation

Interregional co-operation in GLOBEMEN will enable both manufacturing industries and IT solution providers to achieve globally applicable solutions: