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Guidelines for core business processes (WP1-3) Abstract Report
D13 Guidelines for sales and services   126KB    2,4 MB 
D23 Guidelines for inter-enterprise management   196KB    442KB 
D33 Guidelines for distributed engineering information management   152KB    770KB 
Integration in Virtual Manufacturing Enterprise (WP4) Abstract Report
D411 Evaluation of state of the art technologies   145KB    417KB 
D412/D43 Virtual enterprise reference architecture and methodology   263KB    2,15MB 
D44 Integrated demonstration   118KB   on-line  
D45 Information package for dissemination: The Globemen Book and CD  on-line 
Dissemination (WP5) Web info
D512 Public Web Site - on-line
Project management (WP7) Abstract Report
D723 Public final report   000    000 
D72b Public workshops:
GLOBEMEN day at the DIISM 2000 conference, 17 Nov 2000, Melbourne, Australia
Open day at 4th inter-regional GLOBEMEN workshop, June 2001, Zürich, Switzerland
Open day at 5th inter-regional GLOBEMEN workshop, March 2002, Tokyo, Japan
Open day at 6th inter-regional GLOBEMEN workshop, December 2002, Helsinki, Finland