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Introduction: This page presents a summary of the EU participation in the inter-regional development project GLOBEMEN which is part of the global Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) program. EU participation is supported by the IST program.

Project main goal(s): Enable collaboration between dispersed companies in global one-of-a-kind engineering projects by exploiting emerging IT infrastructures.

Key issues: GLOBEMEN project focuses on ICT support for three core business processes: sales and services, inter-enterprise management and engineering.

Technical approach: Specify industrial requirements for virtual manufacturing enterprises; define a reference architecture; implement industrial prototypes to demonstrate core features of the architecture; promote deployment by IT vendors, manufacturing industry, academia and standardisation.

Expected achievements/impact: Increased availability of generic ICT infrastructures and tools to support gloablly networked dynamic virtual enterprises.

Co-ordinator contact details: Martin Ollus, VTT, P.O.Box 1301, FIN-02044 VTT Email:, Tel: +358-9-456.6416, Web:

Contract information:
- Contract number: IST-1999-60002
- Key Action: II - New methods of work and electronic commerce
- Action line: II.2.3 Dynamic networked organisations ..more
- Duration: January 2000 - December 2002
- Total cost: 4.633529 Meuro, Commission funding: 2.444720 Meuro

Background: Several project partners participated in Globeman21, a previous IMS project, terminated in 1999. EU participation in Globeman21 was supported by Esprit grant 26509.


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