Global Engineering and Manufacturing in Enterprise Networks
 Research project 99004 of the global IMS program
Why? - The project is initialised in order to define and harmonise ICT support requirements in various one-of-a-kind industries operating in various cultural environments. By combining the views and requirements of various industries GLOBEMEN aims to guide and encourage the industry and IT vendors to develop and adopt improved IT infrastructures. The project aims to demonstrate functionalities which offer attractive market opportunities to IT vendors for product development to satisfy the needs of various industries world-wide.

What? - The objectives are: to define a reference architecture for virtual manufacturing enterprises, to implement proof of concept industrial prototypes, to demonstrate core features of the architecture, and to promote deployment by IT vendors, manufacturing industry, academia and standardisation.

How? The approach of GLOBEMEN is to address three main aspects of manufacturing: sales and services, inter-enterprise management and engineering. Based on industrial requirements specifications the work will be co-ordinated and integrated into an IT architecture for enterprise networks and virtual enterprises. This will include a reference model and associated methodology or guidelines, based on which IT support for such virtual enterprise networks can be set up and operated.

Who? - The participants represent several IMS regions: Australia, EU, Japan, Switzerland.

For whome? - The models and architecture will be generic enough so as to be usable in all one-of-a-kind industries, directly usable by standards bodies and by IT vendors. The results will be validated through industrial prototypes, and implemented in selected applications. The results will be consolidated and disseminated to the industry, standardisation bodies and IT vendors.

Time & cost? - The duration of GLOBEMEN is 3 years (Jan 2000 - Jan 2003). The estimated effort is 1000 person-months.

Contacts: - Regional coordinators: AU: Bob Brown, EU: Martin Ollus, JP: Yoichi Kamio, CH: Beat Haeni,