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Contract no: IST-2001-33032 Project acronym: ICCI
Project name: Innovation co-ordination, transfer and deployment through networked Co-operation in the Construction Industry
Key Action: II – New ways of work and electronic commerce
Action line: VIII.1.1: Project clusters
List of
AEC3 Ltd (AEC3), Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment(CSTB), Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft), Loughborough University (Lough.cv), University of Salford (USAL), Technical University of Dresden (TUD), University of Ljubljana (Lju), Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).
Total cost: 1,299,993 € Commission funding: 1,299,993 €
Project main goal(s):
The overall aim of the ICCI project is to enhance the co-ordination of research and developments in IST projects targeting the construction sector, the promotion of the selected projects results, and a concerted support for the future implementation and deployment of new technologies in the industrial context. The objectives are:
  • Synthesise industrial requirements;
  • Publish ICT state-of-the-art in the fields of technical advances and commercial offerings;
  • Synthesise information for the integration of human, organisational and technical elements, and to provide best practice guides;
  • Assess the latest developments in the area of legal and contractual support for the use of ICT in construction;
  • Deliver dissemination, and
  • Provide with future requirements, strategy and implementation plans for IT in construction.
  • Key issues: New perspectives on economic and industrial implications, and legal and policy issues.Knowledge management for inter-organisational activities.Novel solutions and practices for eCommerce, eWork and “Smart” organisations,Maximised impact and synergistic links with related activities.New workplace and teamwork concepts.Smart organisations.Dynamic virtual enterprises.Trust in information infrastructures.
    Information acquisition from members projects and the state of the art; analysis; synthesis; integration and reporting. Interactions with other projects and standardisation bodies even outside the EU. Workshops with industry and research community.
    The duration of ICCI is 28 months.
    The work will be structured and carried out in 6 work packages, with an additional one on the top-level management of the project and the organisation of the projects cluster:
  • WP0: ICCI Co-ordination and management, comprising (1) project management and internal reporting, (2) EC liaison and (3) consortium agreement and contracts.
  • WP1: Industry requirements and needs in the global eBusiness, comprising (1)synthesis of end users scenarios and (2) synthesis of industrial end users requirements.
  • WP2: ICT infrastructures for construction projects, comprising (1) ICCI ontology framework, glossary and classification for ICT, (2) state-of-the-art in ICT markets, standards and R&D, (3) synthesis of ICT infrastructures and (4) delivery of tools and services to the construction industry through the "ICCI IT services platform".
  • WP3: Human and organisational aspects for ICT in construction, comprising (1) best practice guide and (2) specification of the training needs of employees in the construction sector.
  • WP4: Legal and contractual aspects of networked co-operation in construction, comprising (1) state-of-the-art review, (2) identification of potential legal gaps and problems and (3) integration of contractual and legal aspects into the ICCI IT services platform.
  • WP5: Dissemination and awareness, comprising (1) internal and (2) external dissemination.
  • WP6: Integration, strategy and future plans for IT in construction, comprising (1) co-ordination, harmonisation and integration of global clustering activities and (2) identification of future needs, strategy and plans at a European level.
  • Expected
    The key results of ICCI are:
  • Produce harmonised industry requirements (including reference models).
  • Guidelines for delivery of tools and services to the construction industry (e.g. through the "ICCI IT services platform") and a report on future needs.
  • Strategy and implementation plans for IT in construction.
  • Deliver ontologies for ICT in construction.
  • Best practices guides, business recommendations, and a set of guidelines towards adoption of ICT methods and tools.
  • Coordinator
    Alain ZARLI,
    BP209, 06904 Sophia Antipolis,
    Tel :+33 4 93 95 67 36
    Email: zarli@cstb.fr
    URL: http://cic.cstb.fr/