ICCI European project
IST project cluster in the Construction Industry
ICCI, Innovation co-ordination, transfer and deployment through networked Co-operation in the Construction Industry - Project Cluster under IST KA VIII.1.2, duration: 2001/09/01-2003/12/31.

ICCI brings together a number of IST projects for the construction industry:
IST-1999-10491 OSMOS - Open System for Inter-enterprise Information Management in Dynamic Virtual Environments (IST-1999-10491)
IST-1999-10303 eConstruct - Electronic Business in the Building and Construction Industry: Preparing for the new Internet (IST-1999-10303)
IST-1999-13365 Divercity - DIstributed Virtual Workspace for Enhancing Communication within the Construction Industry (IST-1999-13365)
IST-1999-11508 ISTforCE - Intelligent Services and Tools for Concurrent Engineering (IST-1999-11508)
IST-1999-20570 eLEGAL - Specifying Legal Terms of Contract in ICT Environment (IST-1999-20570)
IST-1999-60002 GLOBEMEN - Global Engineering and Manufacturing in Enterprise Networks (IST-1999-60002)


CSTB (1 fr)
U Salford - ITI (2 uk)
VTT (3 fi)
TNO (4 nl)
TU Dresden / CIB (5 de)
Loughborough University (6 uk)
U o Ljubljana (7 si)
AEC3 (8 uk)
TUDelft (9 nl)