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August 2002, Lise Slama.

Keywords: IFC, BLIS-XML, ifcXML, Java, SOAP

Project Backgroud:

This project was made by L. Slama, a french student, for VTT,an independant research institut in Finland. It lasted 3 months, since May to July 2002.
It was made with the collaboration of Yoshinobu Adachi, of the SECOM Co., Ltd., Japan and Ilkka E Heinonen, of VTT, Finland.



Developing a programme in Java language which converts the BLIS-XML data in others.


BLIS-XML is a methodology for encoding STEP (ISO-10303) based information in XML format. The BLIS-XML data contains IFC, Industry Foundation Classes, data (building object model data). ifcXML is an official methodology for encoding STEP based information in XML format since IFC 2x version. The ifcXML data also contains IFC data. The BLIS-XML Conversion Tool enables to convert BLIS-XML data to ifcXML and STEP P21 format. The tool can also access to the IFC Model Server to get IFC data (as BLIS-XML) by SOAP, Simple Object Access Protocol. DOM, Document Object Model, parser and XSLT, eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation, technologies are used for converting BLIS-XML to ifcXML and STEP P21 format, respectively.

Figure. Overview of BLIS-XML Conversion Tool.





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