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IFC Model Server Client Samples:

  1. IMSVR HTML Client (JavaScript sample) [2002-03-19]
  2. IMSVR Explore (Tree View tool, Visual Basilc 6 and SOAP Toolkit sample) Ver 2.0 [2002-08-23]new
  3. Excel VBA (Excel 2000 or higher and SOAP Toolkit sample) [2002-03-20]
  4. IMSVR SOAP Test Kit [2002-04-07]
    • Note: This sample shows how SOAP client sends and receives SOAP XML data without SOAP Toolkit 2.
      This client downloads WSDL (Web Service Description Language) data and makes Method list dynamically,
      and also makes SOAP request XML data automatically.
    • Download: Visual Basic 6 projects [2002-04-07] [ZIP] (ZIP contains the installer.)
    • Download: Installer [2002-04-07] [ZIP] (ZIP contains the installer.)
  5. BLIS-XML Converter [2002-08-10]new
    • Go to BLIS-XML Converter Project page.[GO]

EXC (EXPRESS to XML Schema Converter):

  1. EXPRESS to XML Converter (EXC)
  2. Meta Model Converter (MMC)

DALC (Data Access Layer Component):

  1. Beta2 Schema Version [2002-01-11]
  2. Beta1 Schema Version [2001-08-17]

Database examples: (Beta2 Schema)

  1. MDB files:
  2. Sample data:
NOTE: There are some SQL DDL files for SQL Server 2000 at MMC (Meta Model Converter) modules.

IFCsvr ActiveX Component:

The IFCsvr is an ActiveX component for handling IFC(Industry Foundation Classes ) data. IFCsvr has IFC model data input/output function as STEP Part21 file or BLIS-XML file and provides additional operatoins, such as IFC object searching, changing, and creating. This component provides an IFC compliant programming environment with Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application, etc.
IFCsvr is a freeware that allows to incorporated into your own software including commercial and non commercial products.

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