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What is an IFCsvr?

IFCsvr features

How to call IFCsvr

The command CreateObject calls IFCsvr component from Visual Basic(also VBA). "IFCsvr.R200" is a program ID of IFCsvr component.
Dim objIFCsvr As Object
Set objIFCsvr = CreateObject("IFCsvr.R200")
Dim objIFCsvr As IFCsvr.R200
Set objIFCsvr = New IFCsvr.R200

Example 1: VRML converter

This is an example of VRML converter. Internet Exploler and its VRML plug-in shows the VRML data. The VRML data contains all IfcWall shapes in an IFC model data.

Example of VRML converter.

Example 2: IFC Object Tree Viewer

This is an example of IFC Object Tree Viewer which consists of IFCsvr, TreeView control, and some VBA codes.

Example of IFC Object TreeViewer

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