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IFCsvr.R200 Object

The IFCsvr.R200 object is a root object of IFCsvr. IFCsvr.R200 returns Design object mentioned below. GUID related functions are contained in this object. The ProgID is "IFCsvr.R200". IFCsvr.R200 object can load the IFC model data from following formats: STEP Part 21, BLIS XML format, ROSE binary, and ROSE ascii.

IFCsvr.Design Object

The Design object manages IFC model data file. Design object can write the IFC model data. The supported file formats are, STEP Part 21, BLIS XML format, ROSE binary, and ROSE ascii. When you want to keep consistent OID value in Entity object, it is necessary to write IFC model by ROSE binary or ROSE ascii format, because Part 21 file doesn't preserve OID value.
This object has also instanciating and searching Entity object functions.

IFCsvr.Entities Object

The Entities object is a collection of Entity object.

IFCsvr.Entity Object

The Entity object manages IFC object instances defined by EXPRESS. Each Entity object contains its ENTITY TYPE name and a pointer to its own attributes. OID which is a 160 bit identifier is attached to an Entity object, when the Entity object is created or loaded from IFC file.

IFCsvr.Attributes Object

The Attributes object is a collection of Attribute object.

IFCsvr.Attribute Object

The Attribute object can set and get values of each attribute which are contained by an Entity object. An aggregation attribute of ENTITY TYPE will returns Entities collection object, and other TYPEs of aggregation are returned as an array of variant type.

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