Web Service Layer Component


Web Service Layer Component (WSLC) provides Web Services to client software on the Internet. The client software can access to DALC functions through WSLC. The Web services are based on SOAP. WSLC also manages Active Server Page (ASP) user interface functions.

EXC Overview

Figure. Overview of Web Service Layer Component (WSLC)

WSLC Web Service API Outline:

WSLC contains following Web Service groups:
  1. IFC Model Data Batch Import
  2. IFC Model Data Batch Export
  3. IFC Object Create
  4. IFC Object Update
  5. IFC Object Delete
  6. IFC Objects Query
  7. IFC Model Information Query

WSLC Web Service API Specification:

WSDL (Web Service Description Language) of IFC Model Server:

Web Service APIs Reference:

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