What is IM2 project?

In InfraModel2 project tree consortium members are funded by Tekes and whole infra sector. Centroid Oy coordinated company driven development effort goes towards common data transfer format on planning information. IM2 project describes common data transfer format documentation, using LandXML format, for further exploitation in national planning practices according to surfaces, roads, streets, waterways and railways. This is intended to ease current situation in data transfer between planning applications.

Contact information

- Centroid Oy

Consortium members
- Centroid Sito Oy
- Tekla Oyj
- Vianova Systems Finland Oy


Project has set its main target to generating documentation for common standard called LandXML to help in its localisation work to Finland. During the IM2 also the maintenance and further development needs are discussed. It's important to facilitate common effort between software houses to enable this implementation work. Each of the software houses are implementing together agreed parts of the common format to their software and data transfer in LandXML format is being piloted during the project between consortium softwares.

IM2 work packets

Project in whole has been divided to following work packets.

Header information (project, plan)
Basic material (Surfaces)
Road planning
Street planning
Railway planning
Waterway planinng
Structures related to areas
Water supply and sewerage
Supplemental planning


First, data transfer is recognized as a problem in infra construction. At the moment, Finnish markets have a need for a common data format to facilitate the exchange of plans etc., between project participants. Data transfer involves the simultaneous conversion of files or redesign of plans. Therefore the emmbers of infra sector in Finland has common agreement on going towards the markets where client can used certain common stanrd on data transfer and earlier situation with variety of formats doensn't narrow the selections. This approach was successfully piloted in VTT driven InfraModel1 reseach project.