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Access to knowledge through the Grid in a mobile world.
Mobile grid architecture and services for dynamic virtual organisations
ID: IST-2003-004293 (FP6 IP), Funding: 7 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-08-31 (36 months)
European Research Network on Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications for large scale distributed, GRID and Peer-to-Peer Technologies.
European wide virtual laboratory for longer term grid research creating the foundation for the next generation grids
ID: IST-2003-004265 (FP6 NoE), Funding: 8.2 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012008-08-31 (48 months)
Datamining tools and services for Grid computing environments
ID: IST-2003-004475 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 1.883 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-08-31 (36 months)
ERA pilot on a coordinated Europe-wide initiative in Grid research
Building the ERA in grid research
ID: IST-2003-511618 (FP6 SSA), Funding: 0.96 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012006-02-28 (18 months)
Highly predictable cluster for Internet Grid
Fault tolerance, dependability for grid
ID: IST-2003-511531 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 1.7 M€, Duration: 2004-06-012007-05-31 (36 months)
Interoperability of virtual organisations on complex semantic Grid.
Semantic grid based virtual organisations
ID: IST-2003-004664 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 2.122 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-02-28 (30 months)
K-Wf Grid 
Knowledge-based workflow system for Grid systems
Knowledge based work-flow & collaboration
ID: IST-2003-511385 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 1.747 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-02-28 (30 months)
Architecture for Next Generation Grids
EU-driven grid services architecture for business and industry
ID: IST-2003-511563 (FP6 IP), Funding: 11 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-08-31 (36 months)
Knowledge services for the semantic grid
Technological infrastructure for the rapid prototyping and development of knowledge-intensive distributed open services for the Semantic Grid
ID: IST-2003-511513 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 2.639 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-08-31 (36 months)
Enabling and Supporting Provenance in Grids for Complex Problems
Provenance for grids
ID: IST-2003-511085 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 1.982 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012006-08-31 (24 months)
Uniform Interface to Grid Services.
Extended OGSA implementation based on Unicore
ID: IST-2003-004279 (FP6 STREP), Funding: 1.916 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012006-08-31 (24 months)
Data grids for process and product development using numerical simulation and knowledge discovery.
Grid-based generic enabling application technologies to facilitate solution of industrial problems
ID: IST-2004-511438 (FP6 IP), Funding: 11 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012008-08-31 (48 months)
Grid technologies in IST programme
Other Grid projects
Adaptive Services Grid
ID: , Funding: 7.5 M€, Duration: ( months)
Development of a framework for 6 experiments regarding ASP technology-based applications applied in different industrial fields.
ID: (FP5 AM), Funding: 0.763 M€, Duration: 2002-05-012004-04-30 (24 months)
Astrophysical Virtual Observatory.
AVO designs and implements a European virtual observatory.
ID: IST (FP5), Funding: M€, Duration: ( months)
Bio-technology Information & Knowledge Grid.
Trial for the introduction of a grid approach in the biotechnology industry.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 0.834 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012004-08-31 (24 months)
Corporate Ontology Grid.
Demonstration of the applicability of Grid technologies to industry.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.061 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012004-02-29 (18 months)
Large-scale Grid-enabled Simulations.
Development of techniques for large-scale grid-enabled real-time simulations and visualisations.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 4.860 M€, Duration: 2002-03-012005-02-28 (36 months)
Distributed Applications and Middleware for Industrial use of European Networks.
Development of essential software supporting the Grid infrastructure.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.229 M€, Duration: 2001-01-012003-06-30 (30 months)
Next Generation Scientific Exploration.
Development of techniques supporting the processing and data-storage requirements of next generation scientific research.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 9.872 M€, Duration: 2001-01-012003-12-31 (36 months)
Research & Technological development for a Transatlantic Grid.
Development of techniques to support reliable and high-speed collaboration across widely distributed networks.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 3.980 M€, Duration: 2002-01-012003-12-31 (24 months)
Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services
ID: , Funding: M€, Duration: ( months)
A Testbed Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology.
ID: IST-200X-4260 (FP6 IP), Funding: 6.30 M€, Duration: 2004-09-012007-08-31 (36 months)
Enabling Grids for E-science in Europe
ID: INFSO-RI-508833 (FP6), Funding: 32 M€, Duration: ( months)
European Grid of Solar Observations.
ID: IST (FP5), Funding: 2.400 M€, Duration: 2002-03-012005-02-28 (36 months)
European learning Grid infrastructure
The European Learning Grid Infraestructure based on GRID technologies for supporting ubiquitous, collaborative, experiental-based, contextualised and personalised learning.
ID: IST-507483 (IP), Funding: M€, Duration: ( months)
European Testbed for Grid Applications.
Development of core Grid software components.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 2.065 M€, Duration: 2000-11-012003-10-31 (36 months)
Flow-Simulations on-demand using Grid-computing.
On-demand CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics) simulation and visualisation using Grid computing.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.099 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012004-08-31 (24 months)
Grid-enabled Medical Simulation Services.
Development of new Grid-enabled tools for improved diagnosis, operative planning and surgical procedures.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 2.626 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012005-02-28 (30 months)
GRid SeArch & Categorization Engine.
Development of a search and categorisation engine for flexible allocation of computational and data storage resources in Grid environments.
ID: IST-2001-38100 (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.889 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012005-02-28 (30 months)
GRid based Application Service Provision.
Development of architecture and business models for delivering ASP services over the Grid-enabled networks.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.955 M€, Duration: 2002-04-012004-09-30 (30 months)
Grid Resources for Industrial Applications.
Development of business models and processes that make it feasible and cost-effective to offer and use computational services securely in an open Grid marketplace.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 2.016 M€, Duration: 2001-12-012004-05-31 (30 months)
Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed.
Development of software capable of fully exploiting dynamic resources.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 5.085 M€, Duration: 2002-01-012004-12-31 (36 months)
Cluster of Grid projects in FP5
Accompanying measure with objective of maximising the impact of EU-funded Grid and related activities through clustering.
ID: (FP5 AM), Funding: 1.449 M€, Duration: 2002-04-012005-03-31 (36 months)
GRid Interoperability Project.
Interoperability of Globus and UNICORE, two leading software packages central to the operation of the Grid.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.338 M€, Duration: 2002-01-012003-12-31 (24 months)
Thematic Network facilitating the establishment of a European Learning Grid Infrastructure by supporting the systematic exchange of information and by creating opportunities for close collaboration between the different actors.
ID: (TN), Funding: M€, Duration: 2002-08-012004-07-31 (24 months)
European mammogram database.
Application of Grid technology to develop a European-wide database of mammograms and to support effective co-working between EU healthcare professionals.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.899 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012005-08-31 (36 months)
Modular & Scalable Environment for Semantic Web.
Scalable ontology-based Knowledge Management System and an ontology-based search engine that will accept queries and produce answers in natural language.
ID: (FP5), Funding: 1.505 M€, Duration: ( months)
Market Management of Peer to Peer Services
ID: IST-2001-34201 (FP5), Funding: 2.392 M€, Duration: 2002-03-012004-08-31 (30 months)
Open Computing Grid for Molecular Science & Engineering.
Development of tools for molecular design based on UNICORE enabled distributed computing environments.
ID: (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.988 M€, Duration: 2002-09-012004-11-30 (27 months)
P2P collaborative framework and a prototype application to allow people to form common interest groups and provide those groups members with new ways to communicate, collaborate and make business together.
ID: (FP5), Funding: 0.763 M€, Duration: 2002-07-012004-01-31 (19 months)
Self e-Learning Networks.
Identification of technologies for managing, syndicating and personalising online education resources.
ID: (FP5 AM), Funding: 0.283 M€, Duration: 2002-11-022003-10-31 (12 months)
Data-centric web services integration to support the development and deployment of ASP-based business applications.
ID: IST-2001-35458 (FP5 RTD), Funding: 1.799 M€, Duration: 2002-05-012004-09-30 (29 months)