Open Building Manufacturing
  European Integrated Project on Industrial Construction
Vision: Open manufacturing in construction, ambient manufacturing methods, and value driven business processes appropriately supported by ICT provide affordable, customized and flexible (configurable on demand) buildings improving the quality of life and providing better value to the customer through a diverse range of "plug-and fix" modules and components and related services offered by knowledge-driven SMEs.

Overall objectives: The industry driven goal of the ManuBuild project is to create an Open Building Manufacturing System, a new paradigm for building production by combining ultra-efficient manufacturing in factories and construction sites, and an open system for products and components offering diversity of supply in the open European market.

Scientific and technical contents: A holistic approach is used in RTD related activities for open system manufactured buildings, value driven business processes, ambient and scalable manufacturing methods, and ICT support. The results are validated and demonstrated in several full scale building projects by the industrial partners and five supporting city councils.

Breakthroughs: The Integrated Project ManuBuild targets a radical paradigm shift from the current "craft and resource based construction" towards "open building manufacturing" that enables highly customised buildings using manufactured, knowledge based components from the open market and assembling them efficiently on site.

Potential impacts: Potential impacts include; construction cost reductions in excess of 50%, time reductions in excess of 70%; reduction in work related accidents of 90%; new knowledge based industry offering quality jobs (mainly for SMEs) all over the EU; new business opportunities; safety at work; reduced waste; better job satisfaction; more value to customers (society); housing in less developed parts of EU, etc.