The OSMOS project is specifically concerned with defining the working practices, processes, techniques, tools and technical infrastructure to allow the European construction industry to progress from its current position towards a large scale, computer integrated approach. As such, it is an industry-led project involving construction end-users, construction IT providing companies, and academic and research organisations. Each of these groups has a very important, complementary role to play in the exploitation of the OSMOS project results. In addition, OSMOS user interest groups will be set up in Finland, France, the UK, and Sweden, involving representatives from a variety of construction and non-construction industry companies. The roles of these groups will be to assist in the wider dissemination of the OSMOS results, and to ensure that they are sufficiently generic to be transferred to industries other than construction. It is expected that some of these organisations will be interested in adopting the Internet-based team work services support offered by the OSMOS partners, and spread the resulting practices across their organisation, and business partners.