OSMOS Factsheet

Contract no: IST-1999-10491 Project acronym: OSMOS
Project name: Open System for Inter-enterprise Information Management in Dynamic Virtual Environments
Key Action: II New methods of work and electronic commerce
Action lines: II.2.2 Team Work and II.2.3 Dynamic Networked Organisations
List of
DERBi (France), CSTB (France), Granlund (Finland), JM (Sweden), ISI - University of Salford (UK), VTT (Finland)
Total cost: 2,755,155 Commission funding: 1,495,377
Project duration: Jan. 2000 - Mar. 2002 Estimated effort: 236 Person-months
Project main goal(s):

1.Specify Internet-based services for collaboration between dissimilar construction applications and semantic cross-referencing between the information they manipulate.

2.Specify Internet-based services allowing the co-ordination of interactions between individuals and teams in a Construction virtual enterprise.

3.Specify a model-based environment where the release of, and access to, any shared information (including documents) produced by actors participating in projects is secure, tracked, and managed transparently.

4.Provide low entry level tools (cheap and user-friendly) to small enterprises to act and participate in construction virtual enterprises.

5.Set up two OSMOS Internet-based team work service providers for the purpose of the project, and ensure their take-up as commercial offers after the completion of the project.

Inter-enterprise information management in dynamic virtual environments.
In accordance with the objectives addressed by OSMOS, the works will be structured and carried out in five work packages, with a sixth forming the project management:
  • WP1 Team Work Analysis and Requirements Capture: This workpackage will analyse intra-company business processes, and information management practices, along with the dynamics, type and nature, of inter-company interactions taking place on multi-disciplinary construction projects. This will lead onto the definition of the requirements of the OSMOS infrastructure.
  • WP2 Architecture Definition and Specification: This workpackage will define the basic system architecture underlying the OSMOS system, and will provide a comprehensive specification of its components.
  • WP3 OSMOS Infrastructure Implementation: This workpackage will consist of the implementation, in an incremental manner, of the OSMOS models, and services, based on identified end-users proprietary and commercial applications. This workpackage will also provide information repositories, toolkits, and OSMOS plug-ins.
  • WP4 Testing and Evaluation: The aim of this workpackage is to test and validate the proposed OSMOS solutions, mainly through field trials, and propose a migration path to the adoption of the OSMOS solutions.
  • WP5 Dissemination & Exploitation: This workpackage is concerned with the dissemination and exploitation of the OSMOS results.
  • WP6 Project Management: This workpackage is concerned with the overall management of the project.
  • Expected
  • A set of semantic models, and OSMOS construction specific API.
  • A set of information repositories, toolkits and plug-ins enabling commercial and proprietary systems to participate to the OSMOS virtual enterprise.
  • Two OSMOS team work prototype services.
  • A set of process, technical, and business reports.
  • Administrative
    Philippe Robart
    Boulevard de la Bastille - 18
    75012 Paris, France
    Email: robart@derbi.fr
    Tel: +(33) 1 44 87 88 20
    Prof. Yacine Rezgui
    ISI-University of Salford
    Salford / Manchester
    M5 4WT. England
    Tel: +(44) 161 295 5292