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PROCURE project is supported by the European Commission under ESPRIT programme.

PROCURE EU research project
ESPRIT - 29948
ICT at work for the LSE Procurement Chain
Why? - Deployment of new IT tools and IT-enabled collaborative working procedures in LSE industry is hampered by the project-oriented, one-of-a-kind nature of business processes and by the fragmented organisational structure. This has lead to inadequate exploitation of available technologies.

What? - PROCURE demonstrates a methodology for IT deployment through pilots in the LSE (Large Scale Engineering) industry. Guidelines and training will be provided to the the staff of AEC projects. Management guidelines will be provided for setting up IT-enabled collaborative working procedures. Dissemination to the European AEC industry will be assured by extensive workshops and WWW-based demonstrator.

How? - PROCURE runs three parallel pilot projects. The focus is on deploying ICT-support for collaborative working, product data sharing and knowledge re-use.

Who? - The consortium consists of 5 industrial partners supported by 4 associated research and expert partners. PROCURE combines leading expertise from 3 member states to support ICT deployment by 3 industrial collaborative groups.

For whome? - The partners will exploit the results readily in the pilots. Research partners will spread the deployment methodology to their industrial clientel. Dissemination of the results is to European AEC sector, with a special focus on SMEs, the main supplier base of the partners' industries. Other targeted groups are education organisations, management consultants and IT vendors.

Time & cost? - The duration of PROCURE is three years with a total budget of #.#MECU.

Coordinator: David Leonard, Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd

Taylor Woodrow
Daimler Chrysler
Ed. Züblin
Fortum Engineering
University of Leeds

Haas & Partner