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Industry Alliance for Interoperability - Nordic IAI
IAI is a world-wide consortium aiming to define industrial requirements for interoperability of CAE systems for AEC. The deliverable of IAI is a specification of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), a platform for application software development. IAI is closely related with ISO STEP. Many leading software suppliers are committed to release complying systems. For Finnish developers compliance with the emerging IAI specifications is a strategic opportunity and potentially a business necessity.

RATAS product model definitions - On the web now!
Building product data models from a series of previous R&D projects are being consolidated by VTT. User friendly browsing on the WWW is provided while adhering to the standard ISO STEP EXPRESS data definition language. Sample data definition sheet of ENTITY WINDOW. MH960516

Islands of automation - clickable map
Our popular figure illustrating the evolution of IT in construction over the last decades. Now available as a clickable map (27kB). Proposals to improve the figure are welcome. You are free to use the figure but a reference to the source is appreciated. Original Designer 3.1. vector drawings: color and black & white (30kB).

Construction Information Sources - Excellent site getting even better!
We regard CIS as one of the best AEC resource lists in the world. RATAS and several other resources on our server are now included in the CIS database.MH960601

Construction IT Index - Soon available for unsurpassed global websurfing!
Edited list of links to international organisations, research institutes, mailing lists, net services to AEC, product libraries and lots of more links worldwide. Our lists are now being merged with other professionally edited AEC resource lists around the globe. The new integrated database of global civil engineering resources will be announced in Bled, June 1996. Address will be announced on this site after June 15. MH960516

Construction IT developers - key organisations in Finland
Lots of Finnish developers, vendors & organisations related to construction IT.

Internet services for AEC in Finland - Getting into business
Finnish Internet services for AEC:
  • ENeF - Enterprise Net Finland Oy: Communication platform for construction projects & other Internet services to construction industry.
  • Housenet - Housenet Advertisements and contact information to private and professional builders (in Finnish)
  • BuildNet - Lists of links for construction professionals; the site aims to be the top level entry node to AEC related sites in Finland.
  • Rakentajafoorumi (Builder Forum, in Finnish) - Business information: companies & services
  • Info Park - Advertisements e.g. appartments and houses for sale - MH960604
  • ITCon - Virtual magazine
    Virtual magazine on Information Technology in Construction by CIB W78. See also our list of other journals & books related to construction IT.

    Glossaries on the web
    Product modelling glossary and links to other glossaries.

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