RATAS vision

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The RATAS vision relies on the below four objectives:

1. Public databases
Project independent information will be available to the whole AEC industry. Such databases will contain information of building products, suppliers, clients, professional organisations, research, building codes and instructions, reference best practice solutions etc.

2. Data exchange standards
For different kinds of data, standard exchange formats will be defined. In the short term standards will apply for 2D-drawings, alphanumeric text (e.g. specifications) and tables (e.g. bills of quantities). In longer term, standard formats for more sophisticated exchange of data bases and product model data will emerge.

3. Building product modelling
In order to facilitate sharing of information in building projects data will be stored at a high semantic level as product models. A shift from document-oriented CAD towards model-oriented computer aided technology is envisioned.

4. Query-based specifications
The current design documents serve as contractual design deliverables and do not support the specific needs of different information users. The emerging product modelling approach will allow the separation of information creation and usage. From a product model database specific data can be extracted and presented in a specific way for a information user by means of a database query.

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