RATAS data exchange recommendation
and product model guideline

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RATAS data exchange recommendation

The purpose of the publication is to describe the communication formats, methods and organization in construction projects.

There are first the summary of the Ratas-recommenndation (one A4), two product data formats (OXF and STEP), ASCII and de facto standard formats.

The second chapter of the publication describes communication methods: phone lines, email, Finnish Teleratas-service, Internet and CAD-project bank.

The third chapter deals with data management in construction projects and proposes reference contract model concerning responsibilities of data transfer between actors.

In the appendixes there are definitions for data transferring and a summary for OXF syntax.

Ratas product model guideline

The second part of the publication describes the definition methods of the product data models.

At first is the strategy of the development of Ratas product data definitions declared.

The modeling methods (action and conceptual) and ISO/STEP-standards are descriped in the chapter two.

Chapter tree tells about the general data structure and object cards for defining object classes.

The last chapter describes the preparing and maintaining of product data recommendations.

In the appendixes there are the summary of existing product data definitions, the EXPRESS-method and about 30 object data definition sheets.

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